8) HR unknown Project title.

hr project

7) Aspar System.



sample codes

Aspar( AERIAL SPRAY PLAN AND ACCOMPLISHMENT ) built with abap mvc framework.


6)Sumifru website



4) FarmCost

Still on development:

3) Intranet

intranet version 1.0.1


The Sumifru intranet was build in WordPress. The propose of the intranet is to publish news with in the company. its also have lots of plugin hook like shoutbox, calendar for upcoming events, Travel Order, nextgen gallery, portie and my own Plugin Area weather forecast, Guestbook, b-day of the month etc…

2) Purchase Request Systems



Purchase Request system

The Sumifru Purchase Request system it was first build with my co-worker rodge mendoza. This project was build with hard coded php,html, css, sql database.  Lately our boss transfer it to me because rodge is to busy with he’s new projects. So I develop it using jquery but suddenly it was transfer again with my other co-worker.  For now the PR system still working and lots of development going on.

1)Compliance Uploading System



Upload system

Upload system

Compliance uploading system is my first project in my first job in sumifru. It was built in php and mysql. This project has short functionality. the admin will upload a file then share it with the specific permission. Only permitted user can download the file submitted.  It takes me 3 months to finish this project because I was studying php, mysql, html and css at the same time coding this project.   At the present this system in not used because the compliance group don’t like the design of it. Hehe