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PP & PM Tables

AFKO: PP Order Header Data
AFPO: PP Order Item Data
AFVV: Order Operations Data Qty/Date/Values
AFVC: Operations within an Order
AFRU: Order Completion Confirmation
CSLA: Activity Types Master Data
CSLT: Activity Types Texts
KAKO: Capacity Header Segment
CRHD: Work Center Header Data
AUFK: Order Master Data
AFIH: Maintenance Order Header
AUFM: Goods Movement For Order
EQUI: Equipment Master Data
EQKT: Equipment Texts
ILOA: PM Object Location
T024I: Maintenance Planner Groups
T357: Plant Section
IFLO: Functional Location Text
IHSG: Permits in PM
IHGNS: Permit segment in PM
T357G_T: Permit Text
RESB: Reservation / Dependent requirement
V_EQUI: View for Equipment description
VIAUFKS: View for Order and Equipment Data
CAVFVD: Work Center Text.
VIQMEL: Notification Header View
VIQMFEL: PM Notification View
VIQMMA, VIQMSM : Views for Activities and Tasks