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MM and FI connection

Area and Tech Name and Description

EKKO – PO Header
EKPO – PO Item
EBAN – Purchase requisition
EKBE – History per Purchase doc.
EKKN – Account Assignment in Purchasing Document /span>

BKPF – Accounting Document Header
BSEG – Accounting Document Segment
CSKS – Cost Center Master Data
PRPS – WBS master data
AUFK – Order master data

CEPC – Profit Center master data
RBSELBEST – PO associated with aparked invoice

Line items (Rep: RPUDRIG0)
COOI – Commitments Management: Line Items

PPDHD – Transfer to Accounting: Document Header
PPDIT – Transfer to Accounting: Lines in HR IDOCs

Order data (Network)
AUFK – Order master data
AFKO – Order header data
AFPO – Order item data

AFVC – Operation within an order
AFVV – quantities/dates/values in the operation

Invoice data
EKKO – PO Header
RSEG – Incoming invoice (Invoice doc, PO doc)
RBKP – Invoice receipt

Project plan/WBS
PROJ – Project data
PRHI – WBS breakdown within project

VBAK – Header
VBAP – Item
VBPA – Sales Document Partner

VTTK – Shipment Header
VTTP – Shipment Item

LIKP – Delivery Header
LIPS – Delivery item

LFA1 – Vendor Master
LFB1 – Vendor Master (Company Code)

KNA1 – Customer Master
KNB1 – Customer Master (Company Code)

MARA – Material data
MARC – Material Plant Details

PNP – Get Pernr (Personnel data)
PCH – Get Objec

TEM table structure

sap mm transaction code (t-code)

List of mm Tcode

Transaction codes for materials

MM01: Create material
MM02: Change material
MM03: Display material

Transaction codes for Reservations

MB21: Create Reservation
MB22: Change Reservation
MB23: Display Reservation
MB25: List of Reservations

Purchasing display transaction codes

ME53: Display purchase requisition
ME23 Display purchase order
ME43: Display RFQ
ME48: Display quotation
ME33K: Display contract
ME33L: Display scheduling agreement
ME13: Display info record
ME03: Display source list
MEQ3: Display quota arrangement
MP02: Display approved manufacturer parts list
ME62: Display vendor evaluation
MN03: Display RFQ message
MN06: Display purchase order message
MN09: Display outline purchase agreement message
MN12: Display scheduling agreement delivery schedule message
MN15: Display service entry sheet message
MN26: Display inbound delivery message
WWNC: Display messages for settlement run
MEB3: Display rebate arrangements
WWSC: Display conditions for subsequent
MEK3: Display conditions in purchasing

Transaction codes for processing RFQ (Request for quotation)

ME41: Create RFQ
ME42: Change RFQ
ME43: Display RFQ
ME44: Maintain RFQ supplement
ME45: Release RFQ

Transaction codes to maintain quotations

ME47: Enter quotation
ME48: Display quotation
ME49: Quotation price comparison list

Transaction codes to process a purchase requisition

ME51N: Create purchase requisition
ME52N: Change purchase requisition
ME53N: Display purchase requisition

Transaction codes to release Purchase Requisitions

ME54: Individual release for purchase requisitions
ME55: Individual release for purchase requisitions
ME5F: Release reminder for purchase requisitions

Transaction codes to process Purchase Orders

ME21N: Create purchase order
ME25: Create purchase order – vendor unknown
ME22N: Change purchase order
ME23N: Display purchase order
ME56: Assign source to purchase requisition
ME57: Assign and process purchase requisitions
ME58: Order for assigned purchase requisitions
ME59: Generate purchase orders from requisitions automatically
ME24: Maintain PO supplement
ME28: Release purchase order

Transaction codes to process a purchasing info record

ME11: Create purchasing info record
ME12: Change purchasing info record
ME13: Display purchasing info record
ME14: Display changes to purchasing info record
ME15: Flag purchasing info record for deletion

Transaction codes to process physical inventory documents.

MI01: Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02: Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03: Display Physical Inventory Document
MI21: Print Physical Inventory Document
MI07: Process List of Differences
MI08: Create List of Differences with Document
MI10: Create List of Differences without Document
MI20: Print List of Differences
MI11: Recount Physical Inventory Document

Transaction cods for Physical Inventory

MI01: Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02: Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03: Display Physical Inventory Document
MI21: Print Physical Inventory Document
MI07: Process List of Differences
MI08: Create List of Differences with Document
MI10: Create List of Differences without Document
MI20: Print List of Differences
MI11: Recount Physical Inventory Document
MI22: Display Physical Inventory Documents for Material.
MI23: Display Physical Inventory Data for Material.
MIDO: Display Changes.
MI24: Physical Inventory List.
MIAL: Read Physical Inventory Document Archive.
MI04: Enter Physical Inventory Count with Document
MI09: Enter Physical Inventory Count without Document
MI05: Change Physical Inventory Count
MI06: Display Physical Inventory Count

Transaction codes to process a purchase contract

ME31K: Create contract
ME32K: Change contract
ME33K: Display contract
ME34K: Maintain contract supplement
ME3P: Recalculate contract prices
MLRP: Periodic invoicing plans

Vendor Evaluation transaction codes

ME61: Maintain vendor evaluation
ME62: Display vendor evaluation
ME63: Re-evaluate automatic sub criteria
ME6A: Display changes to vendor evaluation
ME6F: Print evaluation sheet
ME6G: Vendor evaluation in the background

Transaction codes for Scheduling Agreements

ME31L: Create scheduling agreement
ME37: Create stock transport scheduling agreement
ME32L: Change scheduling agreement
ME33L: Display scheduling agreement
ME34L: Maintain scheduling agreement supplement
ME3R: Recalculate scheduling agreement prices
ME85: Re-number schedule lines
ME86: Aggregate schedule lines
ME87: Aggregate PO history
ME88: Reset agreed cumulative quantity and reconciliation date

Material Management Tables(MM)


Purchase Requisition (PR) Request for Quotation (RFQ) (Vendor Evaluation)
Purchase Order (PO) Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Invoice Verification Data to FI

Tables and important Fields.

LFA1 – vendor data (LIFNR)
LFB1 — Company Code Segment : Vendor Data(LIFNR, BUKRS)
LFC1 — FI Related Vendor Data (LIFNR, BELNR)
LFM1 – Pur. Orgn. Related Vendor Data (LIFNR, EKORG)

MARA – Material Master (MATNR)
MARC – Material Master with Plant Data (MATNR, WERKS)
MARD – Material Master with Storage Location Data (MATNR, LGORT, WERKS)
MAKT – Material Master Material Descriptions (MATNR, MATKL)
MBEW – Material Valuation Data (MATNR, BWTAR)
MVKE – Material Master : Sales related Data
MDKP, MDTB – MRP related Data( Header, Item)
MCHA, MCHB – Material Batches (Header, Item) (MATNR, WERKS, LGORT, CHARG)

EINA – Purchase Info. Record(General Data)(INFNR, MATNR, LIFNR)
EINE – Purchase Info. Record (pur. Orgn. Data) (INFNR, EKORG)
ELBK, ELBN, ELBP – Vendor Evaluation Related Data
Pur. Req., RFQ and PO are differentiated by Doc Type (BSTYP) in EKKO table.
For RFQ it is ‘A’ and for PO it is ‘F’
Apart from this there are lot of tables which begin with ‘M’ & ‘E’, but we
use the following very often.
EQUK – Quota (Header)(QUNUM, MATNR)
EKBZ – PO History with Delivery Costs(EBELN, BELNR, LIFNR, XBLNR)
EKET – Schedule lines data of a PO(EBELN, EINDT, SLFDT)
EKES – Vendor Confirmations Data (EBELN, EBTYP, EINDT, XBLNR)
T163F – Confirmation Texts (EBTYP, EBTXT)
T156 – Movement Types (BWARE)
T024 – Purchasing Groups
T024E – Purchase Organizations
T163 – Item Category’s in Purchasing Documents(PSTYP)
T149D – Valuation Types
T134 – Material Types
FVLK – Delivery Types
STKO, STPO – BOM(Bill Of Material) related Data (Header & Item)
STPU, STPN, STST, STZU – BOM Related Tables
RKPF, RBKP, RSEG (Header & Item) – MM – FI Related Data
KONO, KONH – Pricing data
T006 – Basic Unit Of Measurements


MGA tables sa MM

List of Important tables in SAP:


MARA – Material Master: General data
MAKT – Material Master: Description
MARM – Material Master: Unit of Measure
MAPE  - Material master: Export control file
MARC - Material master: Plant data
MARD – Material master: Storage location
MAST – Material link to BOM
MBEW – Material valuation
MLGN – Material Master: WM Inventory
MLGT – Material Master: WM Inventory type
MDIP – Material: MRP profiles (field contents)
MKOP – Consignment price segment (old versions of SAP)
EBEW – Valuation of sales order stock
QBEW - Valuation of project stock
MVER – Material Master: Consumption <Plant>
DVER - Material Master: Consumption <MRP Area>
MVKE – Material Master: Sales <Sales Org, Distr Ch>
MLAN – Material Master: Tax indicator
MARC – Material Master: Plant data
MAPR – Material Master: Forecast
MARD – Material Master: Storage Location
MCH1 - Material Master: X Plant Batches
MCHA - Material Master: Batches
MCHB - Material Master: Batch Stock
MDMA - MRP Area data
DBVM – MRP Planning File Entry: MRP Area
MOFF – Outstanding Material Master Records (Maintenance status)

MARCH – Material Master C Segment: History
MARDH – Material Master Storage Location Segment: History
MBEWH – Material Valuation: History
MCHBH - Batch Stocks: History
MKOLH - Special Stocks from Vendor: History
MSCAH - Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History
MSKAH - Sales Order Stock: History
MSKUH - Special Stocks at Customer: History
MSLBH - Special Stocks at Vendor: History
MSPRH - Project Stock: History
MSSAH - Total Sales Order Stocks: History
MSSQH - Total Project Stocks: History


LFA1 - Vendor Master: General data
LFB1 - Vendor Master: Company data
LFM1 – Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Purchasing organization)
LFM2 – Vendor Master: Purchasing Data (Plant, Vendor sub-range)
WYT3 – Vendor Partner Functions

External Service Management

ASMD – Service Master: Basic Data
ASMDT – Service Short Texts

ESKL – Account assignment specification for service line
ESKN – Account assignment in service package
ESLH – Service package header data
ESLL – Lines in service package
ESSR – Service entry sheet header data
ESUC – External services management: Unplanned limits for contract item
ESUH – External services management: unplanned service limits header data
ESUP – External services management: unplanned limits for service packages
ESUS – External services management: Unplanned limits for service types


EBAN – Purchase requisition: items
EBKN – Purchase Requisition: account assignment
STXH – SAPScript Text Header
STXL – SAPScript Text Lines

EKKO – Purchasing document header
EKPO – Purchasing Document: Item
EKET – Purchasing Document: Delivery Schedules
MDBS – Material View of Order Item/Schedule Line (good to find open PO’s)
EKKN – Account assignment in purchasing document
EORD – Purchasing Source List
EIPA – Order price history record
EKAB – Release documentation
EKBE – Purchasing document history
EKBZ – Purchasing document history: delivery costs
EKPB – “Material to be provided” item in purchasing document

EINA – Purchase Info Record: General
EINE – Purchasing info record: purchasing organization data
KONP – Condition Item
KONH – Condition Header

Inventory Management

ISEG – Physical inventory document items

MKPF – Material document: Header
MSEG – Material document: item

RKPF – Reservation: Header
RESB – Reservation: Item

Invoice Verification

BSIM – Secondary index: documents for material
MYMFT – FIFO results table
MYML – LIFO material layer
MYMLM – LIFO material layer (monthly)
MYMP – LIFO period stocks, single material
MYMP1 – Receipt data LIFO/FIFO valuation
MYPL – LIFO pool layer
MYPLM – LIFO pool layer (monthly)
RBCO – Document item, incoming invoice account assignment
RBDIFFKO – Invoice Verification: conditions
RBDIFFME – Invoice Verification: quantity differences
RBDRSEG – Invoice Verification batch: invoice document items
RBKP – Document header: incoming invoice
RBKPB – Invoice document header (batch invoice verification)
RBTX – Taxes:incoming invoice
RBVD – Invoice document: summarization data
RBVDMAT – Invoice Verification: summarization data, material
RBWT – Withholding tax:incoming invoice
RKWA – Consignment withdrawals
RSEG - Document item, incoming invoice

Customising and other master data

MDLV - MRP Areas
MDLG - MRP Areas – Storage Locations
MDLW - MRP Areas – Plants
MDLL - MRP Areas – Subcontractor
T023 - Material Groups
T024 - Purchasing groups
T030 – Standard Accounts Table (Automatic Account Determination)
T156 – Movement Type
T156T – Movement Type: Text

T16FS – Release Strategies
T16FT – Descriptions of Release Strategies
T16FV – Release Prerequisites
T16FD – Description of Release Codes
T16FK – Release Statuses
T16FC – Release Codes
AUSP – Release Procedure: Strategy values (cl20n, cl24n)
AGR_USERS – Assignment of roles to users
CDHDR & CDPOS – Change history of master data and documents
EDID4 – EDI information
TSTC – SAP Transaction Codes, lock/unlock: sm01, created: se93
TSTCT – Transaction codes TEXT

NAST – Message status