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FI/CO Tables

T001: Company Codes
T002: Language Keys
T003: FI Document Types
T004: Chart Of Accounts
T005: Country Keys
T007A: Tax Keys
T012: House Banks
TKA01: Controlling Areas
SKA1, SKB1: G/L Account Master data
SKAT : G/L Accounts Texts
KNBK: Customer Master(Bank Details)
LFBK: Vendor Master (Bank Details)
BKPF: Accounting Doc. Header
BSEG: Accounting Doc. Item(Cluster Table)
BSIS: G/L Open Items
BSAS: G/L Closed Items
BSID: Customer Open Items(Account Receivables)
BSAD: Customer Closed Items)(Account Receivables)
BSIK: Vendor Open Items(Account Payables)
BSAK: Vendor Closed Items(Account Payables)
BKPF and BSEG Tables consists of data from BSIS, BSAS, BSID, BSAD, BSIK, and BSAK tables.
BSET: Tax Information
BSEC: One Time Vendor Records
CSKS: Cost Center Master
CSKT: Cost Center Texts
CSSK: Cost Center/ Cost Element Relations
GLPCA: EC-PCA: Actual Line Items
GLPCT: EC-PCA: Totals Table
COEP: Co-Object Line Items by Period
COST: Co-Object Price Totals
CSSL: Cost Center- Activity Type
CRCO: Work Center- Cost Center Assignment
CSLA: Activity Types Master(LSTAR)
CSKB: Cost Elements(KSTAR, KOKRS)
COBL: Coding Block
CEPC: Profit Center Master Data
BNKA: Master Records of banks
TBSL: Posting Keys
KEKO: Product Costing Header Data
ANLH: Main Asset Number
ANLA, ANLB, ANLC : Segment Assets Masters