Aspar sap plugin.

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My first Application using MVC framework of Marcelo Araujo Ramos. Honestly i copy this framework from scratch in order for me to learn the techniques and UML pattern on it and it takes 3 week for me to understand all variable and function he’s used. even thought  I’m very busy with functional support at the office but i  really give some time on it by printing all abap OO manuals then i read it on my boarding house once i understand the whole concept i automatically apply it at the office.. hopefully i can make may own dream framework and make a history on it.

Status: On Development


INCLUDE ZAP_AS_PAR_TOP.    ” Global Data ni

INCLUDE zap_as_par_view.   ” PA View Me
INCLUDE zap_as_par_model.  ” Model Cristine Reyes
INCLUDE zap_as_par_cntrl.  ” Controller

INCLUDE zap_as_par_PBO.    ” PBO-Modules
INCLUDE zap_as_par_PAI.    ” PAI-Modules


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